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At-Home Tiki Market

Online Marketplace, Art Fair & Poly-Pop Shopping Extravaganza!

The At-Home Tiki Market is a way for us to keep tiki artists & vendors actively selling while we’re all in a coronavirus-induced lockdown.

This is meant to be a virtual tiki marketplace, an online art fair, and general way to present & promote the artists, craftspeople, vendors, and musicians who cater to the tiki community.

All are welcome to participate. Although this is being organized by the team that puts on the SHIPWRECKED event in Los Angeles – it is NOT limited to any particular locale, regions, state or even country. All we ask is that your primary focus is in the realm of “tiki” art, products, or work and that you’re more of the individual/small-business type (vs. a company who already has a national presence).

Some notes:

  • The (current) plan is to have this live in the next couple of weeks (as of this writing on 4/18). Participating vendors will be notified before the public launch so that they have have their promo codes active, promote the page on their own social accounts, tell their friends, etc. This is going to take some time to build out the page, enter each vendors info, edit their photos, etc. etc. But, I’ll go as fast as I can!
  • Again: all are welcome. Just note that this is intended for individuals & small-businesses who vend at tiki events or who run their own, small shop. We will try to list everyone who fits the concept of the event – but, nothing is guaranteed.
  • This is not date-specific. This is meant to be an on-going space to promote tiki artists & vendors during a time that none of us are able to participate in the events that make up the bulk of many people’s sales.
  • It is FREE to participate in this. There will be no cost to be included in the virtual marketplace & there will be no fees attached to sales, etc.
    (In the event that costs beyond our time, hosting space, & such become unsustainable, I’d address this with all participants – but the point is that this is meant to bring artists as many $$$ as possible.)
  • You have to “Bring Your Own” method of selling. This will not be an ecommerce platform – it’ll be a promotional destination to hopefully reach a larger audience & promote your work.
  • You should have something to sell. This is about getting money into the pockets of tiki artists – not just general promotion/advertising.
  • Ideally, each vendor will have special discounts (or some unique addition to the sales) that can entice visitors to buy from them in this format.
  • This will only succeed with the help of those participating. While there’s no cost to be listed, we do ask that you actively promote the ‘At-Home Tiki Market’ to ensure that we can the most number of supportive customers for our community.

Sample Tiki Market Listing

Vendor Name

Sample description text here. This is just place-holding text to give you a sense of how the vendor description will look in a listing and a general idea of how long a description should be (which is to say: not that long – just enough to define what you sell/do to the viewer).

Special Tiki Market Offer:

Free shipping on orders over $50 with the promo code ATHOMETIKI

Visit Vendor Name’s Store

Follow Vendor Name:



Complete this Form to Participate in the At-Home Tiki Market

  • Vendor Details

  • Please provide us with a nice, short way to describe what you are selling. This would be the public-facing phrase we'll use to define your work to the visitors. Keep it short, please.
  • Choose all that apply - but don't go crazy. Stick to the category or categories that truly define what you're offering.
  • This is where we'll send visitors to buy from you. Please double-check for accuracy
  • If you'd like to include in your listing (to share more of your work, gain more followers, etc.). Please double-check for accuracy
  • If you'd like to include in your listing (to share more of your work, gain more followers, etc.). Please double-check for accuracy
  • Do you offer international shipping & wish to be highlighted as doing so in the marketplace?
  • Promotion / Special Offer Details

  • Encourage sales by offering a special discount for online shoppers. Example offers can be: general discounts/sales on items, free shipping, free bonus items, etc. See the sample listing on this page for some inspiration. It is NOT required that you offer a discount, but it does help encourage customers to shop with you from home rather than waiting for the next in-person event.
  • The final image will be sized at 600px wide x 400 px high - please submit an image that works in these dimensions.

    Each vendor will have ONE image accompanying their listing. To keep the site running fast, there will just be one image per vendor - so make sure it's a good one! You can send multiple if you need us to pick for you - but we're limiting this to 2 file uploads to keep our work manageable.

    Check the sample vendor listing on this page for an example of the size/orientation of the photos we'll be posting.

    In general, larger images are better. We can scale them down for you.
    File formats: JPG/JPEG or PNG. File size: up to 10 MB.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, Max. file size: 10 MB, Max. files: 2.
    • Contact Details (Will Not Be Posted)

    • This contact information will NOT be shared on the site. This is just so that we can get in touch with you if we need to.