Vending at Shipwrecked

We’re excited to have you join us for the next Shipwrecked Event! We work hard to make your vending experience easy & successful. This page should have all the details you need to plan for your day of vending.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

If you are new to Shipwrecked and our interested in vending at a future event, the best way to get started is by submitting a vendor application.

General Details


  • Vending & Event Hours are:
    11am – 3pm
  • Load-in & Setup Hours are:
    9am – 11am
    (please do NOT arrive before 9am)
  • Break-down & load-out hours are:
    3pm – 4pm
    (Vendor area has to be cleared by 4:15; but you’re welcome to stay & hang at the Warehouse after your gear is cleared)




Vending Spaces

  • All event vending is done upstairs at The Warehouse.
  • There is an elevator, but it is older than all of us & works intermittently. Be prepared to use the inside stairs. Of course, we will gladly help you, if needed.
  • Fee: the vending fee is $80 CASH, paid on the day of the event.
  • Spots are assigned to each vendor before the day of the event. We do our best to accommodate requests, but spot allocation is determined by what will work best for all vendors, expected traffic flow, etc.
  • Once your spot is assigned, be sure to check out the vendor map below — it provides details & unique information for each of the vending areas (including what you may need to bring to make the most of your spot)
  • In the past, The Warehouse sent servers to the vending area, but their reduced staff no longer makes this possible. We always try on the day of the event to get them to send servers upstairs, but there’s no guarantee of this being possible.
Vendor Loading & Parking at The Warehouse

Parking Map

  • NOTE: there is now NO PARKING ALLOWED in the lot adjacent to The Warehouse. You may offload in the spaces directly next to The Warehouse, but will need to park your vehicle in either The Warehouse’s paid valet lot or the paid Marina del Rey Public Parking Lot 5 (4545 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 – View on Google Maps)
  • Parking in the Marina del Rey Public Parking Lot 5 (as of the time of our last event) has been reduced to $5 for 24 hours
  • A loading area is conveniently located near the entrance of the venue
  • The Warehouse has asked that we do not use the outside stairs to load-in.
  • There is NO PARKING in the loading zone where vendors load-in or in the spaces next to ‘First Bank’ (marked in red on the map).




Vending Space Information

Types of Spaces

There are various types of vending spots in The Warehouse:

  • Window Tables (spots # 1–10),
  • Central Tables (spots # 11–19),
  • Booth Tables (spots # 20–29),
  • Open Floor (spots # 30 & 31), and
  • Walk-Way Galley (spots # 32 & 33).

Review the map & details of each spot type below…

Window Tables (spots # 1–10)

Vending at these tables includes:

  • a 6 foot table with room to stand behind or beside the table space.
  • These tables are positioned along the wall of windows overlooking the marina, but NOTE that the window shades are CLOSED during the vending hours (to avoid a harsh back-light on your products).
  • If you wish to add lighting to your space (recommended), you’ll need to bring your own lighting, electrical cords, and power strip.
  • Electrical availability isn’t guaranteed.

Booth Tables (spots # 20–29)

The booth table spaces include:

  • A tiered vending area with a spacious board across the back of the booth and the built-in table at the front
  • There’s a built-in light above the table space + skylights above many of the tables for even, natural light.
  • There’s space to sit at the front of the booth.

Central Tables (spots # 11–19)

Vending at the central tables includes:

  • a space for a 6 foot table (which YOU must bring)
  • Two square, raised table tops (one on each side of your table space)
  • For lighting, the side tables each have a nautically-themed lamp hanging over them.
  • There room to stand beside the table space.
  • These tables are positioned along the central corridor of The Warehouse’s space.

Open Floor (spots # 30 & 31)

These spots are positioned at the back wall of the vending area and are open spaces.

Note that vendors in these spaces usually have to setup later than other spaces as The Warehouse needs time in the morning to clear this area of storage items.

Vendors in this area must bring their own tables, racks, displays, etc. for vending.

Walk-Way Galley (spots # 32 & 33)

These two spots are in the center of the vending area in the walk-way that bridges the two sides of the upstairs.

  • Two tops in these spaces
  • Space for a free-standing grate wall or similar vertical display (which YOU must bring)

Marketing & Promotion

Send Us Your Promotional Images

For each event, we want to highlight the latest, most accurate representations of what you will be showing and selling at Shipwrecked. So — this is a call for images that we can use to highlight your Shipwrecked participation on Instagram & Facebook.


  • Multiple, good-looking product photos
  • Photos should show your item(s) in context (like within a themed space), if possible
  • Avoid including your logo or text in the images (as that tends to hurt image performance, especially on Instagram)

Aim for photos that are well-lit, sharp, colorful and show your product in relation to their usage (worn on a model, framed or hung on a wall, a mug with a cocktail or on a mug wall, etc.).

One of our vendors, Sheryl Schroeder of Schroederville Art submitted these sample images which work well.

You do NOT need to make a collage — just send the quality photos & we’ll make the promotional images for you.

Email photos/collages to

Promoting Your Participation

One of the most helpful things you can do is to promote your participation in Shipwrecked to your specific audience & followers (on Instagram, Facebook, at events, or wherever you communicate with your crowd).

To help you do that, we’ve posted some media for you to use (if you’re creating your own graphics) and have the following “official” links to help direct people to the right destinations…





See you at the next Shipwrecked!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.